The Extreme Shopper’s Business Guide- How to Spend Your Money and Keep it, too

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One thing most people know about me is that I am a huge discount shopper and love to save money—and actually have become a pro at it. But it wasn’t always that way. I used to swear up and down that my brain is hardwired to spend money excessively. Once I started college, however, living on such a low income and constantly think about your paycheck  taught me exactly how important it is to spend my money wisely. Having that conviction, though, didn’t make it any easier. But having good parental examples enabled me with money-managing skills that will carry me beyond college and into my professional life.

1) Have someone you trust help you set a budget. My dad is an accountant with 30 years of experience, so he helps me with mine. If you’re not familiar with how to make up a budget, it goes a little something as follows: Calculate your monthly income and use that as your base starting amount for the budget. Write that on a sheet of paper or a program like Microsoft Excel (this takes a little more technical skill, but you can always have someone with such set it up for you, which is what I did), but make sure if you do it on paper that you have enough room left for more information. (more…)


Beware You Child Can Be Robbed and is missing out on quality education

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Is your child one of the gifted students are missing out on quality education? Chintan is a “bookish” middle school student. Unfortunately, it is not cool to be “bookish” at his school. He is teased for studying eighth grade math while still in the seventh grade. Still, even the eighth grade math is too easy and boring for Chintan. He needs to be challenged to his full potential and surrounded by intellectual peers.  Sadly without help to grow both emotionally and mentally, Chintan will never live up to his potential (Davidson and Davidson 128-129).

Signed into law on January 8, 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was intended to raise the standards of special education. NCLB was created to give underachieving students better educational opportunities, thus closing the achievement gap between the gifted and struggling learners. The United States Department of Education organizes NCLB into four main points. First, the Act declares stronger accountability for annual school progress results. Secondly, NCLB allows states to have flexibility with federal education funds. Third, NCLB assures the use of proven education methods. In fact, federal funding is set aside specifically for programs that work to improve student learning.  Finally, NCLB declares more choices for parents. In low-performing schools, parents may transfer their child to a better performing school within their district at the expense of the original school.



Credit Cards Change Americans into Indentured Servants

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when-jobs-feels-like-prisonMany people, especially young people dream about their splendid career and they spend time taking multiple career assessments, checking their chances of becoming a millionaire but they don’t think about their debt, especially unsecured debt like credit cards. And this kind of debt is stealing America’s freedom one interest charge, one late fee, one over-the-limit fee, and one annual fee at a time.

Credit Cards Change Americans into Indentured Servants. And as US history shows, the indentured servitude system could lead to outright slavery.

It would seem I am not the only one who has had this thought, as I just came across an article called “Debt-The New American Slavery.”  I don’t know much about the author Michael Mihalik but it sounds to me like he is barking up the right tree. (more…)


Working Better Under Pressure? You Bet!

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I work well under pressure. In fact, I always seem to do better on tests, projects, or anything when I have a hardcore cram session, trying to put in as much information in my small brain, or put forth tons of effort toward something physical.

Why is this? I don’t know, it’s just one of the many, yet interesting things about me.

Anyway, along with that project, I had a test today which I could not study for since I didn’t bring my book home over my four day weekend, nor did I even know we were going to have a test. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, the test came.

I’d taken the test and was unsure of how I did. Since I have an IB teacher, she makes her test all short answer, fill in the blank, or true or false. She doesn’t believe in multiple choice so that makes her tests that much harder. (more…)


What does it mean to feel loved, be loved?

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This is probably the most personal post I could come up with, but it is also the most relevant.  So here it goes, what is love really? What does it mean to feel loved, be loved?

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Recently I sat down at my regular writing routine and sadden by the discovery that I have yet to fully understand what it is love.  And before anyone jumps to any conclusion, no this wasn’t coming up because of relationship, friendships, or family conflicts. Ironically, this topic came up while on the journey to fully understand and seek out a deeper relationship with a higher power.

You see I do believe that God, Buddah, Allah, The Universe, The All Powerful and Knowing Spirit, whatever you want to call this thing that is bigger and greater than I am, does love ALL people unconditionally. But I couldn’t come up with how that love would feel or look like, and began making excuses as why that love wouldn’t really happen to me. (more…)


Responsible for My Own Happiness

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Have I ever told you the story of how I use to be a people pleaser? Yes I did? Okay great, so we can skip that part of the story. But incase you have no clue what a people pleaser is here is my personal definition:

A People Pleaser: A person who is willing to sacrifice their own happiness for others’ enjoyment. 



Cool/Not Cool

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Cool: The kids slept in until shortly after 8 this morning.

Not Cool: There was a big mess waiting for me in Oliver’s room.

Cool: One of my closest friends came for a visit yesterday and spent the night.

Not Cool: She brought this cheddar flavored popcorn with her that, once popped, made the whole house smell like gym socks.

Cool: I played Dave’s newest addiction for the first time last night and discovered that I am not good at it.

Not Cool: It’s like crack, man. All I can think about is when I’ll be able to rock out again.

Really Not Cool: We discovered the reason behind Julia’s mystery fever: She’s got a throat infection. Again. We were supposed to pack up and take a trip north to my aunt and uncle’s house for more Christmas festivities this weekend, but with Julia sick that’s looking doubtful.



Sunday Night Debates

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Every Sunday night I’m a total schizo. Part of me feels sad that I wont be spending the day with the kids tomorrow and the other part is looking forward to going to the office and doing the professional person thing. Depending on the Sunday, one part or the other may dominate but it’s never fully one way or the other.



Trouble with Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

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“Read the book!” “Read the BOOK!” My son keeps asking me in his very loud outside voice. As he’s asking me, he’s also poking me with the book.

After having spent most of the day running errands, picking up after the kids, making multiple meals and squeezing in some work, I should be ready to spend some quality time with my son.

But I’m not. I’m just tired. “Not now, sweetie,” I say softly with a hint of frustration, “maybe later.” My eyelids feel heavy and all I want to do is just lie down on my bed.



Cheap Finds In Santa Monica

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Who knew you can get by on so little in the beautiful beach city of Santa Monica?

Apparently there are more broke college (or post college) students here than I had imagine. Or I am just insanely good at finding really great deals. Either way, here is what I have learned.

Note: This article turned into more of a satire than anything else, but bare with me, you may still get something out of it.